UltraClear Pour n’ Flush Septic Treatment

Pour in, reduce pumping & odor.

UltraClear Pour n’ Flush Septic Treatment

UltraClear Pour n’ Flush Septic Treatment

UltraClear Pour n’ Flush Septic Treatment will reduce pumping, reduce odors associated with septic system and reduce overall maintenance of septic system. It is:
• 100% Safe for in-ground water tables.
• Reduces foul odors from septic system & drains.
• Includes bio-nutrients to maximize digestion.
• Makes septic system more efficient.
• Minimize puddling in drain fields or leach fields.
• Significantly reduces pollution in septic discharge.
• Dissolves organic solids that clog septic systems & drain lines.
• Breaks down common “cloggers” in drains including hair, grease, undigested waste and scum.
• More powerful than “all enzyme” solutions.
• Non-pathogenic.

Uses same proven technology used by municipal wastewater treatment plants. Formulated for home systems. UltraClear Pour n’ Flush treats both septic tanks & drain lines. It is stronger than comparable powder products and “all enzyme’ products. Best of all, Pour n’ Flush” is non-toxic, non-pathogenic, 100 % liquid live bacteria. It contains billions of enzyme producing bacteria that accelerates the breakdown and elimination of common household waste including cooking grease, vegetable oil, fruit & vegetable waste, sugars, starches, proteins, human waste, toilet tissue & hair.

Dosage for Treating Septic Systems:

  • Start-up: Pour one quart bottle (32 oz) into commode and flush.
  • Toilet may be used immediately after treatment.
  • Maintenance: Add one quart of UltraClear Pour n’ Flush Septic Treatment every month. Use one quart each week for problem systems.

Dosage for treating sinks & shower drains:

  • Add 1 oz to drain that is slow to drain or has unpleasant odor. Let stand for 8 hours. Use 2 oz every week for problem drains.
  • Available Sizes: 32 oz

Ultraclear Pour n' Flush
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