UltraClear BioGel for FOG

BioGel dissolves slowly, reduces grease build-up.

UltraClear BioGel for FOG

Eliminate fats, oils & grease build-up in:

• Grease Traps
• Grease Wells
• Lift Stations

The UltraClear BioGel for FOG is a gel-based formulation of non-toxic, non-pathogenic grease digesting bacteria. It is not a chemical. It is not an enzyme.

It slowly dissolves, releasing grease digesting bacteria. The gel formulation contains bacteria that produce lipase enzymes which breakdown fats, oils & grease (also know as FOG) into glycerol & fatty acids. These two compounds (glycerol & fatty acids) are small enough to be consumed by the bacteria in the UltraClear BioGel for FOG. The BioGel dissolves slowly, continuously releasing grease digesting bacteria that produce essential enzymes. The BioGel for FOG reduces grease scum, grease accumulation and related odors from grease build-up.

How Long Does the UltraClear BioGel for FOG last?

For most applications, the UltraClear BioGel will last for four weeks. Extreme flow rates and temperatures will cause the BioGel to dissolve more rapidly.

How to use

Remove the BioGel for FOG from the cardboard box, tube and plastic. Place the BioGel for FOG in the grease trap or well. Replace when needed after approximately four weeks.

Is the UltraClear BioGel for FOG Safe?

Yes, the UltraClear BioGel is 100% safe. It is non-toxic and nonpathogenic. It will not harm the waste water that it is in and will not harm the waste water plant that the water flows to. The wastewater plant will receive less grease and fats in the water it receives when the UltraClear BioGel is used. The UltraClear BioGel for FOG is environmentally safe!


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