Product Details & Dosage
UltraClear Farm Pond Treatment
Combo Pac (Muck Digester Tabs & SST)

Muck Digester Tabs
The UltraClear Combo Pac consist of two products. The UltraClear Muck Digester Tabs consist of multiple strains of freeze dried heterotrophic bacteria specifically formulated for treating farm ponds. The seven stains of bacteria in the dry tabs dissolve in the pond and continuously release specific bacteria and enzymes that digest sludge and act to reduce algae in the pond. The tabs are effective for up to a month for the typical pond.

SST is a biological concentration of a live, liquid blend of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria that consumes nutrients that are needed for algal growth. It out competes the algae for a food source. Used with the UltraClear Muck Digester Tabs, the liquid SST is dosed once per month.

General information
Used together, the SST & the Muck Digester Tabs provide a safe, effective, biological way to eliminate sludge in ponds, reduce muck on the pond bottom, reduce suspended solids in the water, reduce odor and improves the clarity and quality of the water in the pond. A typical pond should be dosed once every month. Problem ponds need to be dosed every two weeks.

The UltraClear Muck Digester Tabs are available in various size containers. Your purchase selection of container size should be based on pond size. Standard dosing is based on using 64 of the one ounce tabs per 1 surface acre of pond water. 16 tabs is approximately one pound. 64 tabs is approximately 4 pounds. The following table illustrates various dosing levels and tabs required:

Acre # Tabs Pounds
1/4 16 1
1/2 32 2
1 64 4



Distributing the tabs is easy. After determining the number of tabs required for the monthly dose, randomly toss the over the pond surface. No need to be precise as to where to toss them. The tabs will begin to dissolve and will circulate throughout the pond. Initially the tabs will sink to the pond bottom, The heterotrophic tabs work in the anoxic zone on the pond bottom as well as the aerobic portion of the pond. They completely dissolve in 8 hours.

Use one gallon of the SST with each dose of the Muck Digester Tabs. Shake the container well and then apply (pour) along the shoreline in various spots.

Problem Ponds
If you have a problem pond or a pond with depts over 8 feet, you may need to dose every two weeks initially. Return to standard dosing after a month. A problem pond can be defined many different ways. An example would be a pond that has not been treated in many years. Another example is a pond that is extremely deep. Another example is a pond that has an extreme accumulation of leaves from surrounding trees.