Muck Digester Mini-Tabs

Ultraclear Small Pond Treatment

UltraClear Mini-Tabs eliminate muck & organic sludge on pond bottom. Each mini-tab contains multiple strains of bacteria formulated to cleanse the pond, eliminate sludge and organic sediment. The UltraClear Muck Digester mini-tabs:
• Provide a slow release of beneficial bacteria.
• Are 100% safe for plants, fish, wildlife and domestic pets
• Digest organic sediment, eliminates pond muck & decay.
• Eliminates animal waste.
• Reduces ammonia levels, nitrites and lowers phosphates.
• Works in cold water.

Dosage Rates
• Use three UltraClear Mini-Tabs per week per 1000 gallons.
• Double the dosage for problem ponds (6 tabs per week).
• Sprinkle around problem areas in pond.

Available Sizes:

UltraClear Muck Digester Mini-Tabs are available in 1 and 4.8 pound jars.