Muck Digester Tabs

Ultraclear Lake and Farm Pond Treatment

Convenient, one ounce dissolvable tabs make it simple for treating ponds, lakes and lagoons. UltraClear Muck digester Tabs:
• Reduces pond muck.
• Eliminates organic sediment (muck) on pond bottom.
• Reduces sludge build-up from organic decay.
• Breaks down & eliminates animal waste.
• Eliminates murky water from organic decay.
• Reduces undesirable odor from decay.
• Reduces toxic ammonia from pond water.
• Lowers problem causing nitrate and phosphate.
• Can be used in cold weather or anytime of the year.
• Safe for all fish & wild life using pond.
• Can be used with all UltraClear products.

The UltraClear Muck digester Tab weighs one ounce and is roughly the size of a golf ball. They are easy to distribute over the pond surface. Randomly toss them over the surface and they sink to the bottom of the pond where they begin slowly releasing a combination of 9 strains of beneficial bacteria into the pond. The tab completely dissolves in 8 hours.

Each tab contains 100% safe, natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals are used. UltraClear Muck digester Tabs are designed to be used in cold water as well as warm water. The tabs are effective in both the anoxic zone on the pond bottom as well in the more oxygenated areas.

The UltraClear Muck Digester Tabs offer an effective, convenient and economical solution for treating ponds of any size, lakes, lagoons and can also be used for treating industrial process water.

Dosage Rates are based on pond or lake volume. Standard dosage is every 4 weeks except for problem ponds. For problem ponds, dose every two weeks.

  • Large ponds & lakes use 64 tabs per one surface acre every 4 weeks. Assumes an average depth of 4 feet. A four pound jar contains 64 tabs and will treat a one surface acre pond or lake for one application.
  • Medium size ponds: Use 16 tabs per quarter acre surface area every 2-4 weeks. Assumes average depth of 4 feet. A 2 pound jar will treat a half acre pond or lake for one application or a quarter acre pond for two applications.
  • Small decorative ponds: Use the convenient 6 tab jar for ponds under a thousand gallons.

UltraClear Muck Digester Tabs are available in the following sizes:

P/N Unit # of Tabs
42900 2 lb Jar 32
42905 4 lb Jar 64
42906 8 lb Jar 128
42907 25 lb Case 400
42913 12.5 lb Case 200

Ultraclear Muck Digester Tabs Ultraclear Muck Digester Tabs Ultraclear Muck Digester Tabs Ultraclear Muck Digester Tabs Ultraclear Muck Digester Tabs Ultraclear Muck Digester Tabs
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