Growth Chamber

Growth Chamber

UltraClear System Growth Chamber

The UltraClear System Growth Chamber is used in large applications or problem situations. It is a batch process for generating an extremely high concentration of liquid bacteria for treating water or wastewater. It offers an economical and effective biological solution for treating aquaculture systems, wastewater treatment plants (WWTP's) and large ponds such as decorative & irrigation ponds used by golf courses.

Click on "Nitrification System for WWTP's" for application specific details:

The UltraClear System Growth Chamber utilizes a 55-gallon drum (or larger, depending on the volume of the application) for holding water and bacteria. The drum is equipped for heating and aeration. Electrical power (110 volt) is required for heating elements and air pumps. Water is required for weekly operation and maintenance.

The system should be located indoors (work shop or maintenance shed). It shouldn't be exposed to freezing temperatures while in operation. It should not be placed in direct sunlight.

Proximity to point of treatment should also be considered for site location. Efficient access to the system is needed. Routine access is needed to monitor it, to add bacteria on a weekly basis, for maintenance and to remove completed product each week. Exposure to direct sun light will cause over heating.

Setting-up the UltraClear Growth Chamber

Set the drum in the location you have chosen. Remember that power and water will be needed. Power must be provided for the heating elements and the air pump. Water is required for weekly filling and for periodic clean up and maintenance. Inspect the drum for any obvious defects or cracks. Check to insure that the valve on the side of the drum is shut off. Position the drum so that the discharge valve is accessible, so that it can accommodate a six-gallon pail in front of it and allows space for you to work around it.

Installation & Set-up of Aeration System

The term aeration is used to refer to the process of blowing air bubbles through the liquid mixture of water and bacteria in the drum. The purpose of the aeration system is to add oxygen to the water and to provide a continuous mixing action in the liquid. Both are critical to the process.

Locate the two air pumps, the quarter inch plastic tubing and 'air diffuser assembly'. The following illustrates the 'air diffuser assembly' and how it connects two air stones to a single tube that is then connected to an air pump. The heavier plastic pipe that the air stones and the 'T' valve are strapped to is important for weighting so that the air stones will settle on the bottom of the drum.

Air Diffuser Assembly

Attach the 1/4 inch plastic line connected to the'air diffuser assembly' lines to the discharge port on the end of the OPTIMA Model 807 air pumps. Drop the 'air diffuser assembly' into the drum. It should settle on the bottom of the drum. See below.

Air Pump

Add UltraBac Concentrate Before using, shake or stir the contents of the six-gallon pail of the UltraClear UltraBac Concentrate. This insures that all the essential parts of the bacteria are removed from the pail in which the concentrate was shipped in. Pour or pump the entire contents of the pail into the drum.

Add UltraBac Concentrate

Fill the Drum

Next, fill the drum with tap water to within 2 inches of the top of the drum.

Fill the Drum

Heater Set-up & Installation

The UltraClear System Growth Chamber is shipped with two 300-watt (110 volt) heating elements. Only one 300 watt submersible heating element is required. The second heating element is provided as a back-up and should be stored for future use. These heaters are 100% submersible. Set the temperature dial to 80 degrees F. This should be done before plugging the heating elements into the outlet for power or turning the power on. Lower the heater into the drum so that it is near the bottom of the drum. SEE THE FOLLOWING ILLUSTRATION.

Lower the heater into the drum

Secure the cord to the drum so that the heater remains positioned in the bottom zone of the drum as shown in the illustration above. Use a cable tie, clamp, or tape. Caution: Review instructions on the back of the packaging for the Thermal Submersible Heating Elements. Do not let the heating element lay flat on the bottom of the drum. It is IMPORTANT that the heater is positioned in the lower half of the drum. The heater must be totally immersed when it is turned on. Turn the power on only after the heating element has been inspected, the temperature dial set, the cords properly secured and all electrical precautions have been complied with.

It is important to note that the liquid level in the drum is lowered each week when the bacteria is complete and ready to be dosed (i.e., applied to the water or wastewater). The drum volume is lowered to the mid point each week when completed material is removed for use. If the submersible heating element is not positioned in the lower half of the drum it may become exposed to air when the level of the water is lowered and it may burn out or crack due to extreme temperature variations.

Power-Up Air Pumps & Heating Elements

Recheck the total system once again. Recheck to insure that the heater element is positioned in the bottom half of the tank. Recheck to insure that the electrical cords have been installed correctly and are completely safe. Recheck to insure that the air stone diffuser assembly settled to the bottom zone of the drum and is not laying flat on the bottom.

After checking the entire system, the power for the pumps and heating elements can be turned on. Always turn the power off before making any adjustments to the heaters or the airline diffuser assembly. Never work in the liquid solution when the power is on.

Start Running the System

The system is in operation once the power is turned on, the heating elements are on, the air pumps are running and the concentrated liquid bacteria and water have been added to the drum in accordance to the procedures outlined above.

After starting the system up, the mixed solution of water and bacteria, is aerated for seven days. After seven days, the liquid content is ready for treating the pond, tank or wastewater.

The First Doses is Ready-One half of the Drum Only!

The first dose is ready for use after seven days in operation. At this point, turn the power off. Drain one half of the contents out of the drum and into pails for distribution to the pond, water, tank or wastewater stream to be treated. This is accomplished by opening the valve at the center of the drum.

Open the valve at the center of the drum

It is critical that the volume removed never exceeds one half of the drum volume. If more than one half of the drum volume is removed and used, the system will no longer function correctly and it will be necessary to repeat the start-up procedure.

Recharging the UltraClear System Growth Chamber

The 55 gallon drum system is ready to be recharged after one half of the completed material has been removed for treating the pond, lagoon, tank or wastewater treatment system. Follow the steps below for recharging the system for another 7-day cycle with the appropriate dosage:

  • Refill the drum with tap water (salt water for salt water aquaculture system applications).
    Refill the drum
  • Add one bag of UltraBac(1000, 2000, 3000 or 4000) to the drum.
    Add UltraBac
  • Add quart or gallon of liquid UltraBac (only for Aquaculture System applications) to the drum.

The UltraClear System Growth Chamber is now ready to aerate for seven more days before the liquid content is ready for dosing the water or wastewater to be treated. Restore the power to the aerator and submersible heating element.

Seven-Day Cycle (Weekly Cycle)

The cycle is repeated every seven days for as long as the UltraClear System is kept in operation. Each week (or seven days), one half of the product is removed from the drum. Tap water (or salt water) is added back to fill the drum, bacteria and nutrients are added and the system is aerated for another seven days.

Follow start-up procedures if there is an interruption in the seven-day weekly cycle of operation.

Tips & Care of System

The UltraClear System is designed to provide extremely high quantities of activated bacteria for treating water or wastewater . The following tips help to insure that the system operates at its maximum capability:

  • Brush the inside walls of the 55 gallon drum to remove bacterial build-up that attaches to the surface. This promotes greater concentration of bacteria in the liquid.
  • Keep the drum covered to minimize dust and other items from entering the tank.
  • Check for adequate airflow through the air stones in the bottom of the drum. Sludge build-up on the air stones may reduce or block adequate airflow. The stones can either be cleaned with a brush or replaced.
  • Make sure that the system is housed in a sheltered area and does not receive direct sunlight. Periodically check the heating elements to insure proper operation and temperature settings.
  • Stir discharged contents before distributing to the area to be treated.