Fish Bits

Fish Bits

UltraClear Koi & Goldfish Food Information Bits

UltraClear Koi & Goldfish food is the highest quality pond fish food at any price.

UltraClear pond fish food is the highest quality fish food on the market. It does not contain any cheap filler such as corn or soybean. This means that fish will be able to digest the food better, absorb more nutrients, create less waste, and you will have clear water in the pond. This makes the fish healthier, they grow faster and they have better color.

UltraClear fish food products work similar to the biological products by UltraClear in that they promote good water quality and make less work for the pond keepers. Our foods are domestically produced in New York State.

UltraClear fish food can be digested more completely because the ingredients contain no filler.

Poor quality or nutritionally poor fish food means less critical nutrition for the fish and more clean-up in the pond. Poor quality food means excess fish waste which causes filtration problems. UltraClear fish foods offer high quality food and a nutritionally rich diet for healthy fish and a clean pond.

Filler such as corn, soybean, or wheat middling should never be near the top or even included in the ingredients. The use of these type cheap fillers can have adverse effects on fish if they are in the feed, including:

  • Fish are forced to eat more food to get their nutritional requirements.
  • Food is less digestible and can damage the fish’s digestive track.
  • Poor water quality.

Fish Food should contain protein levels from a low of 32% up to a maximum of 42%. Too little protein leads to poor health, little color, and stunted growth. Too high a protein level can cause deformities, over feeding, and poor digestion.

Spirulina is blue green algae and is one of the most common forms of color enhancers added to fish food. It also acts as an immune stimulant. Research shows that it works by giving cells added building blocks and making these building blocks quickly available to help cells repair themselves. Inclusion of Spirulina in the ingredients helps fish heal quicker and become more resistant to disease.

Vitamins, minerals and freshness are important factors for premium fish food. Vitamin E repairs damage and stimulates the immune system for fish. Vitamin C helps fish repair damages to cuts and scrapes. Vitamin C also helps fish when stressed from disease or injury. Vitamin C is difficult for fish to metabolize from most foods, and that is why the UltraClear pellets include special enzymes to help fish absorb Vitamin C. Vitamin C also becomes less effective as food ages and that is why the freshness of the food is important. Chelated minerals are the best and most effective way to deliver essential minerals to fish because absorption of minerals will not be affected by the pH of pond water.