Farm Pond Treatment

Products for treating large farm ponds & lakes. Combo pack includes Muck Digester Tabs and Ultraclear SST.

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Muck Digester Tabs

Farm Pond Treatment

• Treats farm ponds or large ponds 1/4 acre of larger
• Use for farm ponds, large ponds, golf course ponds, HOA ponds, lagoons & municipal ponds
• Reduce pond muck and pond sludge
• Eliminate organic sediment
• Breaks down & eliminates animal waste
• Eliminates murky water from organic decay
• Reduces unpleasant odor from decay on pond bottom
• Reduces toxic ammonia from pond water
• Reduces problem causing nitrate and phosphates
• Can be used in cold weather or anytime of the year
• 100% safe for fish & wildlife using pond
• Not a chemical, Non-toxic to fish & wild life
• Improves pond clarity

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Simple to use!
Step #1: Randomly toss tabs over the pond surface
Step #2: Add (pour into pond) liquid SST anywhere around the pond
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