UltraClear Farm Dry Blue

UltraClear Blue Dye

It is a safe and quick way to add a beautiful blue shade to your pond. It protects fish and plants from extreme sunlight by blocking harmful UV light.

• Dissolvable Dry Granular Colorant
• Biodegradable Formulation without Toxic Residue
• Just Toss in the Packs
• Rapidly Colors Water Blue
• Safe for All Decorative Fish, Plants & Wildlife
• Works With all UltraClear Products
• Each pouch contains four water soluble packets.

Directions For Use:
Each blue water-soluble dye packet will treat 1/3 of an acre 4 feet deep, depending upon the color of blue desired. Use gloves when applying. Toss packet into the water in multiple spots in the pond or use in conjunction with aeration. Add packets as needed or monthly to maintain the desired color of blue. Will not stain fish, plants of wildlife when uses as directed and once dispersed. Not for use in potable water sources. Chlorinated water will cause fading, requiring a higher dosage or more frequent treatments.