UltraClear DePhos

UltraClear DePhos

Lowers phosphate levels in pond and lake water. Reduces green water associated with phosphate levels and algae problems. Proprietary pellets make it easy to distribute over pond surface. Simple randomly distribute over the surface. DePhos can be applied by hand or with an air blower (see below for details) for larger ponds and lakes.

• Renders inactive (binds) phosphates.
• Clarifies murky green water in lakes and ponds.
• Safe and effective Lanthanum based solution for ponds and lakes.
• Includes essential bacteria for digesting decayed organic material associated with treating green water.
• Reduces need for chemicals commonly used for treating green water in lakes.
• pH friendly.

UltraClear De-Phos reduces phosphate levels in lakes and ponds. Ingredients include non-toxic Lanthanum based material that binds phosphates for improving overall water quality and an essential blend of bacteria for breaking down decayed organic material. It is 100% safe for fishand and wildlife using the water. UltraClear De-Phos can be used with all biological UltraClear products.

Dosage: Distribute DePhos pellets over surface of pond or lake. Check phosphate levels after 7 days and 14 days. Retreat for problem ponds or for further reductions in phosphate levels if needed. Consider using an Extreme Air Blower (click for details) for distribution over larger ponds or you can simply sprinkle over surface by hand.

P/N Size Treats  
60130 3.125 lb Bag 2,500 Ft. Sq.
60115 6.25 lb. Bag 5,000 Ft. Sq.
60100 12.5 lb Bag 1/4 th Acre

UltraClear DePhos
Pond Treatment Service Company & Retail Garden Center Land & Water, LLC

I have been treating water features for 35 years. From manmade water gardens, ponds, and lakes, up to parts of Lake Erie, my job is to improve water quality for recreation and aesthetics. I am always looking for new treatments and products to improve water quality. UltraClear DePhos is a product that I recommend to pond/lake professionals and homeowners alike.

For years, I have used alum/aluminum sulfate to bind up nutrients, mainly phosphates to the bottom of the pond with good results. Problems that I had with alum is applying it evenly across the pond and controlling the pH of the water – alum can drastically lower pH, affecting fish.

I tested the UltraClear DePhos for phosphate reduction with great results. Regardless of the size, age, or source of nutrients, all bodies of water responded to the treatment. The size of the pellets allowed me to blow the product in with my backpack blower, I could hand apply, if needed. Of the several ponds and lakes that I treated with UltraClear DePhos, water clarity was vastly improved, nutrient levels were lowered within 4 weeks, and there was no marked change in the pH of the water.
Richard Giddens
President and owner of Oak Park Land and Water, LLC
Swanton, OH