UltraClear Autumn Prep

• Adds essential bacteria during the cold-water months.
• Begin using when water temp drops below 55 degrees F
• Breaks down organic muck debris accumulated from fall leaves, grass clippings, and decayed aquatic vegetation
• Reduces waste from aquatic life & wild animals
• Maintains essential bacteria for a healthier start-up in the spring
• Autumn Prep pellets are effective in water down to freezing
• 100% safe for fish, all aquatic life, wildlife using pond & domestic pets
• Just randomly sprinkle around the edge of pond
• Works with all UltraClear products

Dosage Rates (Medium to Large Ponds)
• Use 3 cups (8 oz) per quarter acre
• Use one cup per 3000 to 4000 square feet surface
• Use 4 lbs per surface-acre for larger ponds
• Continue to repeat dosage every 2 weeks until pond surface freezes

Dosage Rates (Small Ponds)
• Begin using when water temperature falls below 55 degrees.
• Use 3 pellets per 100 gallons or 30 pellets per 1000 gallons.
• Treat weekly until surface freezes.

UltraClear Autumn Prep available in the following sizes:

P/N Size
42705 5 lb Jar
42709 10 lb Bag

Ultraclear Muck Digester Tabs
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