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ABI UltraClear wastewater treatment solutions!

ABI UltraClear offers wastewater treatment solutions for municipal wastewater treatment, agricultural waste, lagoons, industrial process wastewater, lift stations, pumping stations and residential & commercial septic systems. UltraClear products are safe for the environment, 100% safe for water, and people. ABI UltraClear offers off- the- shelf products or we can customize a solution for your specific wastewater problem. Check out some of the more popular wastewater treatment solutions shown below:

  • Treating effluent discharge from wastewater treatment plants.
  • Reducing BOD in wastewater treatment plants.
  • Reducing TSS or total suspended solids in wastewater treatment plants.
  • Reducing solids in lagoons for municipal, industrial and agricultural waste.
  • Reducing FOG in wastewater, grease pits (grease tanks) and grease traps.
  • Reducing ammonia levels in wastewater discharge.

ABI UltraClear products are proven solutions now being used in the industry. We have over 20 years of experience providing solutions to wastewater treatment plants. Please contact us for a solution based on your specific needs.

Eliminate sludge in lagoons with Muck Digester tabs.

UltraClear Muck Digester Tabs are a powerful blend of the most advance formulation of bacteria that is widely used for eliminating sludge or eliminating muck in lagoons. Our proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria contains multiple strains of bacteria specifically selected for their unique properties to break down and digest sludge or muck in the bottom of the lagoon. They are easy to distribute (simply toss them in) therefore reducing application cost. These unique Muck Digester Tabs can be used in cold water applications. Click here to go to UltraClear Muck Digester for more details.

Reduce Solids/BOD/Effluent in wastewater with ABI BacPacs

ABI BacPacs are one ounce dissolvable packs for easy distribution in your wastewater system. Each BacPac contains blended strains of beneficial bacteria specifically designed to breakdown solids in your wastewater system. ABI BacPac’s are an economical solution for reducing solids in wastewater effluent.

Reduce ammonia in wastewater with UltraClear ammonia reducer.

ABI UltraClear’s “Liquid Ammonia Reducer” consists of proven strains of nitrifying bacteria concentrate that oxidizes ammonia in your wastewater treatment system. Ammonia spikes can quickly be treated and brought within operating permit levels. This product is available in ready-to-pour gallon bottles for most lower-to-mid volume MGD flow rates. Larger systems are treated with a combination of the liquid ready-to-pour nitrifying concentrate, and a mini growth system for larger MGD plants. Both of these solutions offer a very economical solution for bringing plants into compliance with EPA mandated ammonia limits. Click here for more details on the Ammonia Concentrate for ammonia reduction in wastewater.

Eliminate grease in lift stations & grease pits with Grease Busters.

Easy to use. Simply drop into well or grease trap where grease build-up is a problem. Each ABI Grease Buster includes a tethered line to secure it. Grease Busters slowly dissolve in the grease pit or grease trap to release specific bacteria that dissolves grease floating on the surface or build-up on the walls and in the line. The patented bacteria produces essential enzymes for even greater reduction in fats. The ABI Grease Buster last approximately a month, depending on flow rate. Various sizes are available depending on the flow rate of the grease trap or volume of the grease pit.

Wastewater Treatment Solutions using IMET Systems Technology

IMET Systems offer a complete system solution for municipal wastewater treatment and industrial process wastewater treatment:

Improve wastewater effluent, reduce solids, reduce FOG, reduce BOD with IMet Systems. IMET Systems are customized for each wastewater treatment system based on volume, flow rate type of treatment plant, effluent, BOD, activated sludge and other factors. The IMET System is a patented technology including aeration, filtration and bacterial growth to improve effluent, wastewater operating efficiency, reduce energy cost and improve the quality of the effluent discharge. ABI & IMET will assess your wastewater system and provide you with a cost/benefit analysis. Click this link: www.IMET.net for more details on the IMET System or contact ABI UltraClear to learn more about this technology.

IMET Systems are excellent solutions for commercial fish farms: IMET Systems eliminate organic waste in commercial fish farm tanks and eliminate undesirable ammonia levels that are toxic to the fish. The IMET System improves fish yield and fish health in closed breeding tanks.

IMet chambers provide patented aeration and bacterial growth in wastewater for municipalities, industrial process water and for commercial fish hatcheries. The IMET Chambers (cylindrical in form) are immersed into the wastewater, require air pumped into them, generate very fine diffused air bubbles and incorporate a patented growth media in the chamber for bacterial growth and reproduction. Their performance is guaranteed.

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