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UltraClear Septic Treatment

UltraClear Septic Treatment

Improves Septic Performance

Less Pumping, Less Odor, Less Problems!

  • 100% Safe for in-ground water tables.
  • Will not pollute your water table.
  • Reduces foul odors from septic systems & drains.
  • Minimizes puddling in drain fields or leach fields.
  • Makes your septic system more efficient.
  • Significantly reduces pollution in septic discharge.
  • Reduces expensive pumping.
  • Dissolves organic solids that clog the septic system and drain lines.
  • Breaks down common “cloggers” in drains and throughout the septic system including hair, grease, undigested waste and scum.
  • Available with or without fragrances.
  • Contains beneficial live bacteria (no harmful enzymes).
  • More powerful than enzymes.
  • Non Toxic & Non Pathogenic.
  • Not a chemical.
  • Not an enzyme.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Why is UltraClear Septic Treatment so Effective?

UltraClear is formulated with three powerful ingredients that are designed to increase the life of your septic system and improve its efficiency. FIRST, it contains specific bacteria that digest all organic waste found in septic systems. SECONDLY, it includes bio-nutrients to aid maximum digestion. With these special bio-nutrients, the bacteria consume tough waste like grease and paper at a high rate. THIRD, it includes a unique bio-catalyst that prevents the formation of sulfide (which causes unpleasant rotten-egg odor). Only UltraClear’s 3-WAY protection combines to prevent sulfide formation in anaerobic (not enough oxygen) environments like septic tanks.

Dosage Rates for Septic Systems

Pour one quart (32 ounces) into your commode (toilet) and FLUSH! For problem systems, add one quart every week for a month or until problem improves. For ongoing maintenance, add one quart every six months. Simple to use! Shake well, pour into commode and FLUSH! Commode or toilet can be used immediately after UltraClear Septic Treatment has been flushed down the toilet.

Treatment for Clogged or Slow Draining Leach Fields
(Drain Fields)

Add one quart every two weeks for three months or until your system improves. Simple to use! Shake well; pour into the commode and FLUSH! UltraClear Septic Treatment breaks down organic solids like grease, scum, paper or waste. UltraClear breaksdown these organic solids that clog-up or stop the flow of liquids from the septic system to the drain fields or leach fields. UltraClear may not be as effective if the blockage is inorganic material such as silt. We recommend giving UltraClear at least three months to be effective.

Dosage Rate for Treating “Slow to Empty” Sink Drains

Add one to two ounces directly to dry sink drain. Let stand for six hours. Repeat as necessary. Treatment with UltraClear will breakdown material that clogs up sink drains and reduce unpleasant odor form material in sink drain.

UltraClear is Available in Scented & Unscented Formulations

UltraClear Septic Treatment is available in formulations with & without fragrances in accordance with state and local county regulations. Click here to learn more about fragrances used in septic treatment products and general trends around the United States. No need top worry about compliance with changing local ordinances regarding volatile fragrances.

Having Odor Problems From Septic System?

Use two quarts initially to eliminate odor problems. Simply pour two quarts into the commode or toilet and FLUSH!

Why use UltraClear If Your Septic System Appears to be Working?

Using UltraClear Septic Treatment will help your system to continue to work efficiently and reliably. The addition of essential bacteria and nutrients contained in UltraClear will breakdown undesirable solids that reduce capacity and clog your system, making it less effective.

Not Enough Capacity in Your System?

UltraClear will help! After you have your system pumped out by a local professional, treat your system weekly for a month. This will help maximize the system capacity.

When to Use UltraClear Septic Treatment?

Puddling, odor or slowing drains are signs of system problems. Use UltraClear Septic Treatment when you experience these conditions.

Is UltraClear Safe to Handle?

Yes, it is completely safe to handle. Any spills on the floor can be mopped up or wiped up with cloth or paper towels. Simply wash your hands with soap and water after cleaning up any spills.

How Do I Use UltraClear?

Shake, open, pour into your to toilet and FLUSH! UltraClear is simple to use and effective.

Where to Buy UltraClear Septic Treatment?

UltraClear is sold through local independent hardware stores.

UltraClear Septic Treatment Available In:

Bottle Sizes With Fragrance Without Fragrance
Quart (32 Ounces)


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