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UltraClear Systems for Large Ponds

Overview of the system solution:
This system is designed for improving clarity in large decorative and irrigation ponds or lagoons. This system is a safe and economical solution for beautifying ponds at golf courses, municipal ponds or lagoons, and large ponds installed at commercial properties. The UltraClear System for Large Ponds is unique in that fresh, activated bacteria are produced on-site for the task of improving general water clarity, reducing suspended solids in the water and reducing organic sediment that accumulates on the bottom. The on-site process utilizes a tank (ranging in size from 55 to 500 gallons depending on the volume of pond to be treated). The tank is equipped with heating elements and an aeration system for the production of live, activated bacteria that are distributed to the pond(s) to be treated. Access to tap or filtered pond water is required for refilling the tank weekly. Generally, the 'Growth Chamber' is located within the maintenance building or other secure, indoor site. See section on UltraClear System Growth Chamber for specific details on set-up and operation.

The UltraClear System for Large Ponds produces material that is 100% safe to handle. It is non-toxic and non-pathogenic. It will not harm fish or wildlife. The UltraClear 'Growth Chamber' produces massive quantities of live bacteria that consume nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P) nutrients, which reduces clarity. Proper dosage of the right kinds of bacteria, produced on-site in the UltraClear Growth Chamber for maximum activity and economy, restores your pond to its natural, beautiful clarity.

The UltraClear System for Large Ponds is an environmentally safe alternative to chemical control for algae and water clarity. The UltraClear System technology is used by golf courses, commercial development and landscaping firms in North America for maintaining clear ponds. See The UltraClear System Growth Chamber for more details.

The UltraClear System for Large Ponds produces nitrifying bacteria and bacillus bacteria in massive quantities. The finished product from the UltraClear Growth Chamber is applied to the ponds to be treated. See the sections on the UltraClear Nitrification System and the section on the retail product UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier for additional details on the types of bacteria and how it functions.

Determine Volume of Ponds for Treatment
Before the pond can be treated with the UltraClear System for Large Ponds, the volume of the pond must be computed. Often, it is difficult to determine the actual volume of ponds to be treated. Making an exact calculation isnt as important as making a reasonable estimate. If you don't know the volume, then compute an estimate by first calculating the volume in acre-feet and then converting to gallons.

For example, if you know that you have a pond that is two acres in surface area and the average depth is five (5) feet, then the acre-feet would be ten (10). This is determined by multiplying the two (2) acres of surface area times the five (5) foot depth.

Or, you may have a pond where you don't know the surface area in acres. In this case, you need to measure the approximate length and width. As an example, lets say that the pond is 200 feet long by 150 feet wide. And, the average depth is estimated to be eight (8) feet.

  • First, calculate the square-feet of the pond surface. In this case, the calculation is 200 times 150, which computes to be 30,000 square feet.
  • An acre is 42,500 square feet. The surface is 0.705 (30,000 divided by 42,500) of an acre.
  • If the average depth is eight (8) feet, then the volume of the pond is 5.64 acre-feet (0.705 times 8).
  • Multiply the acre-feet by 330,000 gallons to determine overall pond volume to be treated. In this example, the total volume is 1.82 million gallons (333,000 gallons x 5.64 acre-feet).
  • Or, use Auto Calculate (click here) to compute volume and gallons.

Dosage Chart for Ponds to be Treated
The UltraClear System tanks size and the dosage needed to treat your pond is determined by the volume of the water in the pond(s) to be treated. An UltraClear Growth Chamber produces material every seven days that can be used to treat a single pond or distributed to several ponds for treatment. The TABLE below shows which UltraBac product is used each week to recharge the system, after a week of operation, so that The UltraClear System Growth Chamber can run continuously.

Weekly Dosage Treats Ponds with Volumes *
Ultrabac 1000 Up to 750,000 gallons
Ultrabac 2000 > 750,000 up to 2.5 million gallons
Ultrabac 3000 > 2.5 million up to 5 million gallons
Ultrabac 4000 > 5 million gallons up to 10 million gallons

*For larger ponds, request a custom quotation.

Cost of the UltraClear Systems for Large Ponds: There is a start-up cost (which includes Growth Chamber and products needed for the very first production cycle) and an ongoing usage cost (weekly products needed to keep the system operating). See UltraClear System Growth Chamber for details, a schematic on the parts and operating procedures for starting-up the system and weekly dosing.

Start-Up Costs for the UltraClear Systems

Item Required for Startup System 1000 System 2000 System 3000 System 4000
UltraClear GC (Growth Chamber) $375 $375 $375 $1,525
UltraBac Concentrate (6 Gallon Pail) $216 $216 $216 $648
Total for Start-Up $591 $591 $591 $2,173

Weekly Operating Cost for The UltraClear Systems

System Specified Weekly Dosage Weekly Cost
System 1000 UltraBac 1000 $25
System 2000 UltraBac 2000 $40
System 3000 UltraBac 3000 $55
System 4000 UltraBac 4000 $110

The Ultra Clear System for Large Ponds is sold and supported directly from ABI. Call 800-847-8950 or send an email for additional questions or to order.

ABI, Inc. | P.O. Box 389 | Richfield, Ohio | 44286 | Phone & Fax 800-847-8950, Cleveland Phone 216-378-1336