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The Solution

Alum Based Pond & Lake Treatment for green water!

The Solution  
  • Clarifies murky water in lakes & ponds.

  • Renders inactive (binds) phosphates.

  • Reduces need for chemicals commonly used for treating green water in lakes.

  • Safe & effective solution for ponds & lakes.

  • Biological treatment can be used after application.

  • Includes aluminum sulfate for treating phosphates in lakes & ponds.

  • Treats green water in lakes and ponds.

  • Consist of a dry mix for more effective distribution across lakes & ponds.

  • More effective distribution by using portable Bak-Pak blower.

The Solution reduces green water in lakes and ponds. Ingredients include aluminum sulfate, specially formulated clay for absorption, beneficial live bacteria and toxin absorbing bentonite clay for improving overall water quality. It is 100% safe for the fish & wild life using the water. The Solution can be used with all UltraClear products.

Dosage: Use eight (8) boxes of The Solution per acre or use one 40 pound box per 1/8th of a surface acre. Dosage is based on average depth of four (4) feet. For best results, distribute evenly over lake or pond area by hand or backpack fertilize blower from shore or by boat.

Buffering: May be needed if pH alkalinity and total phosphorous are in the low ranges. Optimal ranges are 6.5-8.0 for pH, 100 ppm for alkalinity and 0-4 ppm for total phosphorous. Test water prior to treatment.


Apply using Hudson Portable Bak-Pac Blower:

Hudson Portable Bak-Pac Blower The Hudson Bak-Pak portable blower, sold by Gemplers, simplifies distribution across a pond or lake. The Solution can easily be loaded into the chamber of the Hudson Bak-Pak portable blower and blown in a broad distribution over the pond or lake. It’s an easy, efficient and economical solution for maximizing the application of “The Solution” for reducing or eliminating green water in ponds and lakes. The Bak-Pac will save considerable time with the application. Visit www.gemplers.com for details on the Hudson Bak-Pak Duster Sprayer on page 348 in their catalog. This device can be purchased on line.

Testimonial from a user:

‘Alum has been used in the water treatment industry for decades and is commonly used by pond managers to remove phosphorous from the water column.  Phosphorous is the primary nutrient for algae growth.   Over the years, Oak Park has relied on alum to treat problem ponds , especially ponds with harmful algae blooms that can cause illness or even death in pets.  With the use of ‘The Solution’  product, we can broadcast the material over the surface of the pond or lake with a hand-held fertilizer spreader or backpack blower at almost half the cost of other products available on the market.  Additionally, we have reduced the need for expensive chemicals in those problem ponds and lakes.’

Richard Giddens, President
Oak Park Land and Water, LLC
, Ohio

Distributors & Dealers for Ordering:


Oak Park Land and Water, LLC
3131 Wilkins Rd.
Swanton, OH 43558-9446
Ph 419-825-1438
Fax 419-825-8319
Email: oakpark4u@aol.com

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