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UltraClear GelPac LS Eliminates Grease!

The UltraClear GelPac LS is a gel-based formulation of non-toxic, non-pathogenic grease digesting bacteria. It is not a chemical. The UltraClear GelPac LS reduces grease, grease scum accumulation and grease related odors in:

  • Lift Stations

  • Grease Traps

  • Wastewater holding tanks

UltraClear GelPac LS Eliminates Grease


How does the UltraClear GelPac LS Eliminate Grease?

The UltraClear GelPac LS is a gel-based formulation impregnated with bacteria. The bacteria produce various lipase enzymes which breakdown fats, oils & grease (also know as FOG) into glycerol & fatty acids. These two compounds (glycerol & fatty acids) are small enough to be consumed by the bacteria in the UltraClear GelPac LS. The GelPac LS dissolves slowly, continuously releasing grease digesting bacteria that produce essential enzymes.

How Is the UltraClear GelPac LS Used?

It’s easy to use. The UltraClear GelPac LS is sealed in a plastic wrap and shipped via UPS or Fed Ex directly to you. After removing the shipping container and plastic wrap, the UltraClear GelPac LS is placed in the area where grease is accumulating. An optional tether/flow through bag can be ordered for applications such as lift stations where the GelPac LS may be forced downstream due to flow rates. The tether/flow through bag allows you to secure the UltraClear GelPac LS in an area. The UltraClear GelPac LS is easily replaced after it has been depleted.

How Long Does the UltraClear GelPac LS Last?

For most applications, the UltraClear GelPac LS will last for four weeks. Extreme flow rates and temperatures will cause the GelPac to dissolve more rapidly.

Is the UltraClear GelPac LS Safe?

Yes, the UltraClear GelPac is 100% safe. It is non-toxic and nonpathogenic. It will not harm the waste water that it is in and will not harm the waste water plant that the water flows to. The wastewater plant will receive less grease and fats in the water it receives when the UltraClear GelPac LS is used. The UltraClear GelPac LS is environmentally safe!

Are Utilities Required for the UltraClear GelPac LS

No! You do not need potable water or electricity at the site or location to use the GelPac LS. The UltraClear GelPac LS can be used at remote lift stations where utilities are unavailable. The UltraClear GelPac LS can be used in grease holding tanks and grease traps without any utilities. No electrical or plumbing work is required to use the UltraClear GelPac LS.

Pricing & Ordering

The UltraClear GelPac LS can be ordered directly from ABI by phone, fax, or email. Orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx. Shipping is additional. Quantity discounts are available. Pricing is:

Item P/N Price
GelPac LS 21000 $39.95
Tether/Flow Thru Bag 21075 $2.45


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