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UltraClear BioPop for oil water separator maintenance.

Reduce oil-water contaminants in wastewater for oil water separators & oily water holding tanks with UltraClear Hydrocarbon BioPops!


UltraClear Hydrocarbon BioPops are ideal for reducing oil/water hydrocarbon contaminants in oil water separators and oily water holding tanks. They are designed for easy mooring and retrieval via line or rope in such systems. No additional equipment or pumps are needed. Advanced biotechnology improves efficiency of oil water separators and oily water holding tanks. UltraClear BioPops improve OWS.


The UltraClear Hydrocarbon BioPops are semi- solids that slowly dissolve and releasing safe, naturally-occurring microbes that can reduce crude petroleum and its hydrocarbon derivatives. The BioPOPs slowly dissolving, environmentally sound, biodegradable matrix is packed inside a porous mesh netting. They are dropped into or suspended in oil/ water containing systems (containments, separators, drain lines, etc) by a line or rope. BioPOPs contain environmentally safe, naturally occurring microbes. UltraClear BioPop microbes are specially selected for their ability to break down (not just dissolve) petroleum and petroleum-derivative such as fuels, lubricants, oils and greases that are common in fuel storage, machine maintenance and other manufacturing wastewaters. They are available in 2 sizes.

Introduction to UltraClear Hydrocarbon BioPops

BioPops require specific minimum conditions in order to perform properly:

  1. BioPOPs can be overloaded with petroleum hydrocarbons resulting in accumulation on the surface of the BioPop, slow dissolution and eventual inactivation.
  2. Short hydraulic residence times (HRT) (e.g. less than 4 hours) in the oil-water separator tend to promote this process.
  3. Inadequate or partial immersion of the unit tends to promote this process. A minimum of one foot ( 30 cm ) of BioPop immersion is recommended.
  4. Raising the water level and increasing the HRT in the separator tends to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon.
Remember: No product will keep the system completely clear of oil. In the great majority of BioPop applications, a thin layer of highly mobile insoluble material will replace a heavy, thick semi-solid mass of oil on the surface of the separator.

Oil-Water Separators & Oily Water Holding Tanks

UltraClear’s Hydrocarbon BioPops are normally placed near the inlet of oil-water separators but should not be directly in the incoming flow. Keep the BioPop clear of pump floats, electrical cables, etc. Suspend the BioPop by rope, cable or chain below the water line. Dissolution occurs in 30-90 days depending on flow through the separator or tank, water temperature and actual size within the tank size range (faster dissolution in larger separators). BioPops will dissolve faster in tanks with short cycle times. The minimum recommended hydraulic retention time is 4 hours.

Hydrocarbon BioPop Dosage Rate
Oil – Water Separators & Oily Water Holding Tanks

Min. Daily Flow
Max. Daily Flow
Min. Daily Flow
Max. Daily Flow
BioPop Weight
10 25 40 100 0.5lbs (0.22kg)
25 50 100 200 1.0lbs. (0.45kg)


KGD = Thousand gallons per day

For oil water separators or holding tanks where the flow rate is small, unknown or highly variable, use one BioPop – 0.5lbOWS per 200 gallons (0.75 m3, 26.7 ft3) of separator or tank volume or the equivalent in multiple or larger units. For heavy, hardened oily deposits, use more units or consider using our Degreaser to clean the deposits and/or an Oil Degrader along with the BioPop.


Product Characteristics

Appearance Red, semi-solid cakes in plastic mesh netting with loop for suspension.
Contents Non-pathogenic, naturally occurring, selected microorganisms in a dissolving solid or semi solid matrix.
Shelf Life Shelf Life Two plus years when stored in dry, cool environment.
Disposal Disposal Dispose of plastic mesh based on local regulations.


Optimal Application Conditions

Condition Range Optimum
Water pH 6-9 7
Temperature (Centigrade) 10-40 35


Storage & Handling

Storage 45° - 105 ° F (7° - 40° C). Dry conditions.
Do not freeze of store in heat above 40 degrees C.
Handling CAUTION: Use gloves and eye protection. Flush eyes or skin if contact with BioPops.


Product Sizes (OWS Products)

Weight P/N Item Dimensions
0.5 lb 21310 BioPop-0.5lbOWS 3.5”D x 1.75”H
1 lb 21320 BioPop-1.0lbOWS 3.5”D x 3.0” H



Item P/N Price Per Case Qty / Case
BioPop-0.5 lbOWS 21310 $287 12
BioPop-1.0lbOWS 21320 $252 6


Custom Engineered Solutions (We will quote!)

Contact ABI for additional information on the Hydrocarbon BioPops or other oil and/or grease problems. We will evaluate your process and will recommend a custom solution. UltraClear Hydrocarbon BioPops are an ecological solution for treating hydrocarbon contaminated waste water.

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