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Decorative Pond Treatment
Aquarium Products
Koi & Goldfish Food
Muck Digester Tabs for eliminating pond sludge
Pond and Lake Colorant
Lake Treatment
Hog Pit Treatment
Septic Treatment
UltraClear Gelpac LS for Grease Reduction
UltraClear Nitrification System
Reduce ammonia for wastewater treatment
UltraClear System for Ponds
UltraClear System Growth Chamber
Treat green water in lakes with aluminum sulfate & clay solution
Potassium Permanganate for Koi & pond fish
Wastewater Treatment Solutions
Buffer blocks add calcium & buffers pH in ponds & aquariums.
Flocculent for instant clarification in ponds & industrial wastewater
ProFlocculent for large ponds, lakes & lagoons
Reduce oil/water hydrocarbon contaminants in oil water separators & holding tanks
Bacteria vs. Enzymes vs. Chemicals
Partnering Companies for Wastewater Treatment

Imet Corporation
UltraClear Product Shots

UltraClear Retail Products

UltraClear Guarantee

Our Retail Pledge!

We only sell through independent retailers.
We don't sell to Wal-Mart, Lowe's or Home Depot.
We don't sell directly to the consumer.

These products are distributed through retail garden centers, water garden centers, professional landscapers, nurseries, pet stores, hardware stores, general stores and other independent retail merchants. Click on the category below for a complete list of products in that group.

Decorative Home Pond Products
For beautiful, healthy, clear ponds.

Koi & Goldfish Food
Floating fish food pellets for enhancing growth, color and pond clarity.

Aquarium Products
Reduce ammonia and nitrites in fresh water and salt-water aquariums.

Septic Treatment
Less Pumping, Less Odor, Less Problems.

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