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UltraClear Industrial, Commercial & Agricultural Solutions

ABI offers safe, effective solutions for nitrification in wastewater systems, industrial lagoons receiving process water and agricultural lagoons. UltraClear’s Nitrifying Concentrate is a “ready to pour” solution for reducing ammonia levels and meeting EPA permit levels. The UltraClear Nitrification System offers a continuous production of nitrifying bacteria for large scale waste water systems.

Retail Solutions

UltraClear Product Group

The UltraClear retail line offers “shake & pour” products for treating ponds, lakes and aquariums. The retail line is available through retail garden centers, water garden centers, landscapers, hardware stores and other independent merchants. UltraClear retail products are available for consumer purchase through local retailers or on-line. Google “UltraClear pond treatment”, or “Ultraclear sludge digester“, or “Ultraclear clarifier”, or “Ultraclear muck digester” and dozens of on-line retailers will be listed for purchasing. Or, just click any of the following:

Buy UltraClear Pond Treatment Online
Buy UltraClear Pond Clarifier Online
Buy UltraClear Sludge Digester Online
Buy UltraClear Pond Conditioner Online
Buy UltraClear Muck Digester Online

UltraClear offers environmentally safe products for our earth!

Browse through our site for answers to your questions. We welcome your comments on our site and our products. Send us an email or call us if you need help in finding a retailer near you that carries UltraClear.

UltraClear’s beneficial, live bacteria is 100% safe for ponds, lakes, lagoons and wastewater treatment. UltraClear is environmentally safe. It is not a chemical!

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